Sunday, August 21, 2011

Double digits baby!

So I got the best news I have gotten in a while this morning from across the world.


We are in the tens of days not the hundreds!

I don't think you want to see a page full of exclamation marks, but that's how I feel!

The Army is actually sending my husband back to the Navy. You get the picture

I feel like I have 700 million things to do right now. Like its actually coming to a close, and I never thought I would see this day. I have homecoming to think about...outfits, hair, who gets to hug him first, all that jazz. Then I have a house to get ready to move out of because soon after he returns, it is time move on to our next duty station (note to detailers: I WANT HAWAII 70-80 degrees year round baby!) .

We should find out within the next month were we are headed but the main point is that we are moving on TOGETHER. We have survived (not yet but almost).

I also have to get these boys back into a routine of not always depending on me for everything. I know most of this isn't on me but adding the male back to the family is going to be tough. I have solely made all of the day to day decisions MYSELF. I dictated where we went, what we ate and so on. Now I will have other input. I can now have someone else's input. I am so freaking excited! I can sleep in and so can he. I will have give and take, not just all give. I don't have to be the only one to listen. There will be four ears to hear all of Hayden's ramblings. There will be four hands to gets kids dressed or bathed. Oh my gosh, there will be four hands instead of just my two.

This is long overdue and although we volunteered for this separation, it was a separation my family had to survive and we are almost there. There is light. Not sure how bright just yet, but oh my gosh light at last!

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