Saturday, October 1, 2011

Its October


Still in double digits as far as I know...could be shorter, could be longer.  It looks like we will be staying in Virginia for a few more years, YAY!  Things are coming together!

I got everything I needed to do as far as the federal government and the IRS.  I also accomplished everything I needed to for the state.  Now, all I have left is to apply for a business license, doing business as, and using my house as my business papers with the county.

My hyena cart shop is being worked on and is looking beautiful!  I am oh so excited.  I ordered insert fabric as well as PUL to make pockets from.  I need this stuff to get here asap so I don't have to be running around at the end of the month trying to get everything done to open November 1st.

Tonight I wrote my policies, care instructions and my about us pages on my store site as well as facebook.

I have also been thinking up some possible giveaways and stuff to promote my business.  Sales are the way to go now a days.  I love them just as much as the next guy/girl.

Keep a look out...there is some great stuff coming your way!


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